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Secret Project Ch.1

First off, thanks to everyone who signed up for the forums already. I applaud both of you. The Secret Project is underway, but there is still much to do. Though, of course, The Secret Project, the OPFP, is Top Secret, I want to tell you a little about what the O.S.F.P. is. For instance, the acronym stands for Open [Something][Something] Project. It does not involve programming.

Most importantly: You ever pick up a star wars magazine? The first thing you will notice is that it consists of more than two pages. People are still buying Star wars stuff and still creating star wars stuff today, roughly 800 years after George Lucas directed 'A New Hope'. Also notice the enormous sea of Lord-of-the-rings fantasy still in circulation, despite the fact that the first person to review Tolkien's books was Plato.

What do I mean by all this?
That's still classified.

Posted on June 14, 2012 at 12:33 PM

Wait, what? Ooops.

As you might have noticed, the website looks a little different today. I can't ethically say that I had anything to do with this, as all I did was take the excellent php/html setup that Mike put together and try to make it stick to the web server. In fact, while I was doing just that I said to myself, "I gotta be carefull, here, I almost might delete the old website archive. Oh, like how I just did that right there. Oh well, that's gone. No big loss." In other news; I have created a new forum on the NWP board exclusively devoted to member contributions. Those of you who have read the memo will know that this is a major (perhaps the major) element of what we now know is the Open Source Fantasy Project. I personally can't wait to see what develops!

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I just edited Update #2!

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This is a new update!

This is my cool new update, enjoy!

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New Update Radness!


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An Epic New Dawn

Well, my friends, we are currently deep in the depths of summer. My least favorite season, perhaps it is more accurate for me to describe it in the terms normally used for winter. So, we are deep in the depths of bitter, lethargic, dead summer. I seem to hibernate during summer, and those of you who have been keeping track will know that I hardly even post.

It is time for that to change.

I am still gathering people to work on the Secret Project: The Open Source Fantasy Project. I think that plenty of hints have been dropped, so I will cut to the chase and shortly I will prepare a detailed documentation of what the OSFP is and what it's main goals and sections will be.

Until then, stay ready to work on the OSFP!

Posted on June 14, 2012 at 12:33 PM

Internet Hall of Fame/Fail

We have a great new feature for NWP: the Internet Hall of Fame/Fail.

This new section of the forum is where any member of the forum can propose an internet item to the council. If it's seconded, then it is opened to voting and will there after, if it has a mostly-positive rating, be eternally recognised as a symbol of Win or Fail.

Let the Nomnomnomnominations begin!

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NWP is now busy on our new WikiFirmament project.

The WikiFirmament: The user-created godly domain that anyone can edit!

Check out the thread on our forums for more info!

Posted on June 14, 2012 at 12:33 PM

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